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TAG Realty

An Innovative Sales Experience a Cut Above the Competition

At TAG, we know your home or business is most likely your most valuable asset. When you’re looking to sell, the final price dictates where your future will go—what you can afford to buy or build next.

We’re here to help you monetize your asset in ways you never thought possible. Our proven and experienced team of agents, contractors and designers have the expertise to maximize your return on investment.

  • Experience our groundbreaking approach to real estate sales. Our hand-picked team will evaluate your property. We’ll identify weaknesses and facilitate enhancements before they become a problem on your inspection and might jeopardize a potential sale. We are never asked to reduce our commission to that of a discount broker because our sellers are netting additional money due to our proven sales strategy.
  • Target the right prospective buyers. Through innovative marketing techniques coupled with custom-made materials, we’ll draw the qualified buyers you need to make the sale on your property.
  • Leave the details in our hands. Whether coordinating showings, negotiating contracts, overseeing inspections or appraisals; our talented sales team will handle every detail and deadline with the highest professionalism. Our sellers’ know their property is being represented and their interests are the priority.

It’s a proven, innovative process designed to get you the highest price, with the most favorable terms, in the shortest amount of time.

TAG REALTY – offering maximum return on investment and peace of mind from start to finish. Let our team get the results you never dreamed were possible. Give us a call today.